Employee destroyed hotel in £ 94,000 rampage after refusing to charge NHS workers for plates

Edward Woods, 49, “lost his life” while on duty at the Larkfield Priory Hotel in Kent, a court has heard. He claimed he was asked to do things he was not trained for and staff were not treated well

Edward Woods in Medway Magistrates’ Court

A night worker destroyed the hotel where he worked after being reprimanded for refusing to charge NHS workers £ 1 to use a lunch plate, a court has heard.

Edward Woods, 49, caused damage worth £ 94,000 when he “lost” him while on duty at the Larkfield Priory Hotel in Kent.

A court heard he destroyed 21 windows, six doors, two refrigerators, an oven, a breakfast table and three beer pumps.

He claimed his outburst was completely irrelevant after being forced to do work he was not trained for – and being warned for refusing to charge NHS workers £ 1 to use a lunch plate at the height of the Covid crisis.

Woods claimed staff at the Larkfield Priory Hotel in Kent were not being treated well

Woods was an on-site night watchman in Maidstone, but says he was asked to cover other roles and occasionally had to double as a chef, which he was not trained for.

He lashed out with a metal bracket in the early hours of July 25, also destroying computer screens and Covid barriers belonging to the hotel, the court heard.

Woods, from Maidstone, pleaded guilty to criminal damage to property worth £ 5,000 when he appeared in Medway Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday this week.

He also pleaded guilty to causing £ 2,500 in damage to a 2021 Ford Fiesta number plate owned by hotel manager Prasanna Kirubakaran.

Woods disputed the £ 94,000 cost of damages, submitted by hotel management, and requested an independent appraisal.

He is to be sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court on a date to be confirmed.

The accused said he was reprimanded after refusing to charge NHS workers £ 1 for a lunch plate

Woods has been released on bail until then on the condition that he does not contact the victim or visit the hotel.

Speaking in court, Woods said he took full responsibility for his actions, but criticized hotel management.

He said: “This happened after a number of incidents that built up and I lost it. It’s completely unusual for me to do something like this; anyone I know or with whom I worked at the hotel will tell you.

“I’m just a night porter and I was asked to do things I wasn’t trained for, like replacing a chef, and the staff were not treated well. It all piled up and I had enough.”

Woods claimed he had been warned by management for refusing to charge NHS employees, who were staying at the hotel during the Covid crisis, £ 1 to use a plate for their lunch.

He also criticized the hotel’s response to negative comments on review sites, where they promised visitor staff would be “reprimanded”.

The hotel has been approached for comments.

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