Brutal seven-man brawl breaks out with Russian tourists as Briton ends up with ‘broken arm’ in hotel bankruptcy

It’s the shocking moment of a fight between Russian and British tourists at a five-star hotel.

What would have started as a two-man argument has turned into a full-fledged seven-man fight – apparently leaving a Briton with a broken arm.


Pictures show a group of men fighting in the garden of a hotel in TurkeyCredit: Flash info
British tourist reportedly left with broken arm due to scuffle


British tourist reportedly left with broken arm due to scuffleCredit: Flash info

A Russian tourist allegedly assaulted a Briton after accusing him of watching his girlfriend before the fight broke out in the garden of a hotel in Muratpasa, Turkey on Monday evening, local media En Son Haber reported.

Images captured on a cell phone show two groups of men yelling at each other, one apparently telling the other to “f ** k off”.

One of the Russians then allegedly attacked a British tourist before the brawl quickly escalated into a mass brawl.

In the clip, a British voice can be heard shouting ‘leave me’ at some point before women, apparently the tourists’ girlfriends, seem to get involved, trying to separate the men.

At first, they fail and scream as the fight continues before seemingly succeeding in stopping the violence.

The footage also shows that hotel staff, who have not been appointed, appear to be standing by and stopping the violence.

Garden tables and chairs were damaged during the fighting, according to local media Sabah.

The newspaper also reported that one of the British tourists broke his arm and a Russian tourist broke his nose.

They were treated by medical professionals who were called to the hotel.

None of those involved have been named and it is currently unclear whether police are investigating the incident.

Garden furniture was reportedly damaged in the incident


Garden furniture was reportedly damaged in the incidentCredit: Flash info

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