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Author: surfindex News

Amazon stock crashes after alleged criticism of Trump

An online portal reported on alleged tax reforms Donald Trump. Immediately the shares of the mail order company Amazon slumped by 4.4 percent. The market value sank temporarily by 53 billion dollars. Jeff Bezos stands for all that Donald Trump refuses. He benefits from worldwide free trade – and he owns the liberal daily Washington Post. Now the manager seems to have suffered again under the US president. A report by an online portal about Trump’s alleged tax plans was enough to inflict heavy losses on the Amazon boss. The stock price of the online retailer fell in the...

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US wants to pay less for UN peace missions

The US wants to spend less money on the United Nations peacekeeping mission in the future. The country remains the strongest contributor. The US wants to shed its financial share in the peacekeeping operations of the UN. He should be reduced from the current 28.5 percent to 25 percent, announced the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, on Wednesday at a meeting of the UN Security Council in New York. The burden would have to be distributed “more evenly” between the Member States, she demanded. Even with the targeted cut, the US remained the largest contributor to...

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