Arrive by helicopter to the Outrageously Luxe Clicquot hotel in Byron Bay this summer

When a standard villa and a personalized vacation itinerary just aren’t enough, you can turn to Hotel Clicquot – a world first entry into luxury all-inclusive accommodation at French champagne house Veuve Clicquot.

Here is the skinny:

The hotel makes its debut in the Byron Bay hinterland at Cooper’s Shoot, a prime location for exceptional ocean views (and possible sightings from Zac Efron), from November 24 to December 5, 2021.

According to the description: An essential part of a stay at the Hotel Clicquot is the daily schedule of unique, cash-free experiences, all of which are completely optional.

Do or don’t!

Once there, you’ll have two nights and three days of activities (or no activities!), Pre-arranged for you, so the only decision required is whether or not you should have another glass of champagne.

There is 24 hour butler service. An on-site sommelier will guide you on a journey through the most beautiful drops of the French champagne house. A massage therapist will be at your disposal. Meals will be prepared for you and your cohort, one by rising chef Alanna Sapwell and the other by David Moyle from the famous local restaurant. Newrybar harvest, which will host a “garden gastronomy” dinner.

And, that should go without saying, but yes: there is of course an infinity pool.

Two-night packages starting at $ 20,200 for up to six people (or $ 6,733 per couple / room), all inclusive. With the exception of helicopter transfers, which – if you opt in – will cost an additional $ 2,000 for six guests.

And if you need to fill a seat, I solemnly offer myself for this task.

Reservations are available from November 1 and you can register your interest here.

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Suz tucker

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