8 new hotel collaborations with designers like D&G, Missoni and more – Robb Report

Shopping at a hotel or resort meant nothing more than picking up a forgotten necessity at the gift shop, such as a baseball cap and sweatshirt or an overpriced blanket and sunscreen . These days, however, luxury hotels and hotel brands around the world are collaborating with personalities, eco-friendly companies, and some of the world’s best designers on exclusive items that you would really want to take home.

Some collections are inspired by the hotels themselves, such as Zachary Weiss and Stubbs & Wooton’s slippers designed for St. Regis, while others, including Margherita Missoni’s pieces for the Luxury Collection, are inspired by trips to places. distant. And some are just plain fun, like Aquazurra’s cheerful slippers for guests in the Mandarin Oriental suite. But what they all have in common is that they serve as stylish reminders of your getaway and help you retain some of that vacation vibe. As Weiss puts it, “Product collaborations like (these) sum up the feeling you get when you check in at a hotel, and all the fun and frivolity you experience there.”

From a trendy ring inspired by a Nantucket retreat to a chic and cheeky resort outfit reminiscent of Ibiza and the Amalfi Coast, here are eight new hotel and designer collaborations that take memories to the next level.

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