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Trump appoints personal physician to veteran minister

Trump appoints personal physician to veteran minister

Ronny Jackson made headlines a few weeks ago when he announced that Donald Trump was mentally fit. Now the US President’s personal physician will be promoted: he will run the second largest US federal agency.

In the government team of US President Donald Trump there is another change: The military doctor Ronny Jackson should take over the post of veteran minister of David Shulkin, tweeted Trump on Wednesday. Jackson is a “highly respected admiral.”

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Jackson had made himself popular with Trump when he certified the 71-year-old US president in January this year, a good health and mental state. Trump apparently has “extraordinary genes” and “lots of energy and stamina,” he said. He spent almost an hour answering the White House press to “clean up rumors of Donald Trump’s health once and for all.” Jackson was also the personal physician of Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama.

The Veterans Ministry is the largest federal agency under the Ministry of Defense, with 360,000 employees. Until Jackson’s confirmation by the US Congress, the Pentagon Representative Robert Wilkie to take over the ministerial position transitional.

Shulkin’s replacement was expected because an internal investigation had found that he had taken his wife on a trip to Europe at the expense of taxpayers and spent the official journey mainly with sightseeing. According to the investigation report, he also took illicit tickets to the tennis tournament in Wimbledon.

Shulkin was one of the few government officials who had served under Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama. He also aroused the discontent of Donald Trump with medial solo passages.

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