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Amazon stock crashes after alleged criticism of Trump

Amazon stock crashes after alleged criticism of Trump

An online portal reported on alleged tax reforms Donald Trump. Immediately the shares of the mail order company Amazon slumped by 4.4 percent. The market value sank temporarily by 53 billion dollars.

Jeff Bezos stands for all that Donald Trump refuses. He benefits from worldwide free trade – and he owns the liberal daily Washington Post. Now the manager seems to have suffered again under the US president.

A report by an online portal about Trump’s alleged tax plans was enough to inflict heavy losses on the Amazon boss. The stock price of the online retailer fell in the top by more than seven percent, at times, the stock market value fell by $ 53 billion. At the close of trading, the losses amounted to 4.4 percent.

“Trump hates Amazon, not Facebook,” had previously titled the medium Axios. The president thinks aloud about how he could get the group competition law, wrote Axios, citing an insider.

Trump wants to change the tax treatment of Amazon accordingly. The US president worried that mom and pop shops would be forced out of business, they said. Overall, the website based its report on five sources that discussed the issue with the president.

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That the White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders at the daily press conference nor said that the Trump government is considering in terms of Amazon no policy change, could not save the decline of the stock market price.

For Trump had often criticized Amazon before – and threatened with an Internet tax. Bezos’ “Washington Post” repeatedly accused the US president of spreading “fake news”. Evidence was not provided by Trump. However, Amazon had also benefited enormously from the trumped down corporate taxes at the federal level.

On the US stock exchange under pressure came with Tesla also another technology value. The company reported a loss of more than seven percent on the investigation of a fatal accident involving one of its cars. It was unclear whether the electric car was controlled by its automatic control system at the time of the accident.

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